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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Windshield glass

For procedure of each component in the remote control mirror system, refer to the respective section.• Outer mirror assembly: Outer Mirror Assembly• Remote control mirror switch: Remote ...

CAUTION:• For model with EyeSight, always remove the glass - front window after the stereo camera is removed.• For model with EyeSight, always use Subaru genuine windshield glass specially ...

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Dtc b2a10 battery voltage high
DIAGNOSIS START CONDITION:When ignition switch is ON.DTC DETECTING CONDITION:DCM battery power supply input of 16 V or more continues for 5 seconds.TROUBLE SYMPTOM:RED LED illuminates.CAUTION:CommCheck is required after replacing the DCM. Telematics System > OPERATIONSTEPCHECKYESNO1.CHECK DTC.Read ...

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