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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Wiring diagram

Engine electrical system Engine Electrical System > WIRING DIAGRAM

CAN communication system CAN Communication System > WIRING DIAGRAM

Oil level switch

1. INSPECTION WHEN LOW ENGINE OIL WARNING LIGHT ILLUMINATES ON LCDSTEPCHECKYESNO1.CHECK ENGINE OIL LEVEL.Is engine oil level normal- Oil Level Switch > INSPECTIONReplace engine oil or refill, and chec ...

Other materials:

1. Measure the bend, and repair or replace if necessary.Camshaft bend limit:0.020 mm (0.00079 in)2. Check the journal for damage and wear. Replace if faulty.3. Check the cutout portion used for camshaft sensor for damage. Replace if faulty.4. Check the cam face condition; remove the minor faults by ...

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