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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Adjustment


Adjustment should be performed on the fender COMPL - front, lock assembly - front hood and buffer - front hood, because adjustment cannot be performed on the hinge COMPL - front hood.

Adjust the clearance around the hood COMPL - front as follows.




Hood COMPL - front to Bumper face front

4.2±1.7 mm (0.17±0.07 in)


Surface level gap between Hood COMPL - front and Bumper face front

-0.2+1.7, −1.2 mm (0.01+0.07, −0.05 in)


Hood COMPL - front to Light assembly - head

4.0±1.8 mm (0.16±0.07 in)


Hood COMPL - front to Fender COMPL - front (from front end to just before curved portion)

4.0±1.5 mm (0.16±0.06 in)


Hood COMPL - front to Fender COMPL - front (from rear end to just before curved portion)

4.0±1.0 mm (0.16±0.04 in)


Surface level gap: Hood COMPL - front to Fender COMPL - front

0.5±1.0 mm (0.02±0.04 in)

1. Adjust the front end height of the hood COMPL - front. Front Hood Lock Assembly > ADJUSTMENT

2. Rotate the buffer - front hood of the hood COMPL - front to adjust the height.

CAUTION:The hood COMPL - front is heavy. When removing and installing it, always work in a team of two or more persons.1. Open the hood COMPL - front.2. Remove the stay assembly - front hood.CAUTION:D ...

1. Temporarily fit the hinge COMPL - front hood around the original position on the vehicle body.2. Install the hood COMPL - front to the hinge COMPL - front hood.Tightening torque:25 N·m (2.5 ...

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