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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Air intake boot

1. Set the air cleaner element and the air cleaner case (rear).CAUTION:Be sure to use SUBARU genuine air cleaner element depending on the engine type when replacing the air cleaner elements. Using oth ...

1. Remove the clip (A) from the air intake boot.2. Loosen the clamp (B) securing the air cleaner case (rear) to the air intake boot.3. Loosen the clamp (C) which secures the throttle body to the air i ...

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CAUTION:Do not turn the power of the Subaru Select Monitor OFF during work, and do not disconnect the data link connector.1. Shift the select lever to “P” range.2. Apply the electronic parking brake.3. Lift up the vehicle.WARNING:Lift up the vehicle until the tire bottom is 30 cm or more ...

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