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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Installation

1. Set the air cleaner element and the air cleaner case (rear).


Be sure to use SUBARU genuine air cleaner element depending on the engine type when replacing the air cleaner elements. Using other air cleaner element may affect the engine performance.


Install the air cleaner element as shown in the figure.






Air cleaner case (front) side


Air cleaner case (rear) side

Check that there is no dirt or dust within the air cleaner case. If any dirt or dust is found, clean it.

When setting the air cleaner case (rear), align the protrusion of the air cleaner case (rear) to the air cleaner case (front) to insert.

2. Install the clips (B) to the air cleaner case (front), then tighten the clamp (A) securing the air intake boot to the air cleaner case (rear).

Tightening torque:

3 N·m (0.3 kgf-m, 2.2 ft-lb)

3. Connect the connector (A) to the mass air flow and intake air temperature sensor, and install the clip (B) to the air cleaner case (rear).

4. Install the air intake duct. Air Intake Duct > INSTALLATION

5. Connect the ground terminal to battery sensor. NOTE

1. Check that the air cleaner element has no deformation, cracks or other damages.2. Check the air cleaner element for excessive dirt.3. Replace the air cleaner case (rear) if the HC absorption filter ...

Air intake boot

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