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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Airbag connector procedure

For operation procedures, refer to “Airbag Connector” of Airbag System. Airbag Connector

Airbag system (diagnostics)

Airbag warning light illumination pattern inspection
Turn the ignition switch to ON, and confirm that the airbag warning light remains on for approx. 6 seconds then turns off afterwards.(1)Airbag warning light(2)Approx. 6 seconds(3)Ignition switch ON ...

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AWD light illuminates or blinks, when the AWD is in special control condition and AWD has malfunction.• At normal conditionAfter turning the ignition switch to ON, illuminates for 2 seconds then goes off.• When FF mode is selectedAWD light illuminates when the AWD ON/OFF switching functi ...

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