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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Auto headlight beam leveler system (diagnostics)

Subaru Legacy Service Manual / Auto headlight beam leveler system (diagnostics)

CAUTION:If the hook - rear seat is disconnected from the vehicle body, make sure to replace the hook - rear seat with a new part to prevent the decline of the fixed force of the seat.1. Before install ...

Basic diagnostic procedure procedure
NOTE:Refer to STEERING RESPONSIVE FOG LIGHTS (DIAGNOSTICS) for models with steering responsive fog light system. Basic Diagnostic ProcedureSTEPCHECKYESNO1.PERFORM CUSTOMER INTERVIEW.Using the Check L ...

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1. HEATER COOLING UNIT(1)Packing - heater unit(6)Thermostat - cooling(11)Heater core(2)Expansion valve - cooling(7)Plate (3)Packing(8)Case - heater unit RHTightening torque: N·m (kgf-m, ft-lb)(4)Case - heater unit LH(9)ClampT:3.5 (0.4, 2.6)(5)Evaporator ASSY - cooling(10)Cover (1)Motor - ac ...

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