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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Cvtf filter

CAUTION:When installing the CVTF cooler pipe assembly on vehicle side, be careful not to bend the A/C pipe.1. Temporarily install the CVTF cooler pipe COMPL, transmission hanger and transmission radio ...

NOTE:• Although CVTF filter is a maintenance-free part, replace it if a large quantity of wear debris and metal particles are found in CVTF and CVTF filter.• For removal of CVTF filter, re ...

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1. Using the ST, install the parking gear to transfer reduction drive gear.ST 398177700INSTALLER2. Install the snap ring to transfer reduction drive gear.3. Using the ST, install the transfer reduction drive gear to transfer reduction drive gear shaft.ST 499277100BUSHING 1-2 INSTALLER4. Using ...

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