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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Engine oil

  •  If the level gauge is not pulled out easily, twist the level gauge right and left, then pull it out. Otherwise, you may be injured accidentally straining yourself.
  •  Use only engine oil with the recommended grade and viscosity.
  •  Be careful not to spill engine oil when adding it. If oil touches the exhaust pipe, it may cause a bad smell, smoke, and/or a fire. If engine oil gets on the exhaust pipe, be sure to wipe it off.
3.6 L models
1) Brake fluid reservoir (page 11-20) 2) Fuse box (page 11-38) 3) Windshield washer tank (page 11-32) 4) Battery (page 11-37) 5) Engine oil filler cap (page 11-11) 6) Engine coolant reservoir ...

Engine oil consumption
Some engine oil will be consumed while driving. The rate of consumption can be affected by such factors as transmission type, driving style, terrain and temperature. Under the following conditio ...

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1. LOW-PRESSURE HOSECAUTION:• If the hose and pipe has been replaced, add an appropriate amount of compressor oil to the compressor. Compressor Oil > ADJUSTMENT• Do not start the engine before charging refrigerant.• If the engine is started with no refrigerant charge, replace the ...

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