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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Entering the vehicle following remote engine start shutdown

Subaru Legacy Owners Manual / Starting and operating / Remote engine start system (dealer option) / Entering the vehicle following remote engine start shutdown

An alarm trigger may occur if the vehicle is opened by the remote keyless entry system/keyless access function within a few seconds immediately following remote engine start shutdown.

Pre-heating or pre-cooling the interior of the vehicle

Before exiting the vehicle, set the temperature controls to the desired setting and operation. After the system starts the engine, the heater or air conditioning will activate and heat or cool the interior to your setting.

Entering the vehicle while it is running via remote start
Unlock the vehicle doors using the keyless access function (if equipped) or remote keyless entry system, then open the door(s). If the vehicle's doors are unlocked manually using the key, t ...

Service mode (models without "keyless access with push-button start system")
In service mode, the remote engine start function is temporarily disabled to prevent the system from unexpectedly starting the engine while being serviced. To engage or disengage service mode: ...

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Stall test inspection
CAUTION:Make sure no other person is around the vehicle during stall test measurement.NOTE:Stall test is extremely important in diagnosing the condition of CVT and engine. The test is necessary to measure the engine stall speeds in “R” and “D” range.Purposes of the stall test ...

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