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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Flywheel

1. CLUTCH START SWITCH1. Perform the following inspections. If the clutch start switch does not operate normally, adjust the switch, and check it again. Clutch Switch > ADJUSTMENT• Make sure th ...

1. Remove the transmission assembly. Manual Transmission Assembly > REMOVAL2. Remove the clutch cover and clutch disc. Clutch Disc and Cover > REMOVAL3. Attach the ST.ST 498497100CRANKSHAFT STOPP ...

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Ebd warning light, abs warning, vdc off indicator light, vdc warning light and vdc indicator light do not come on
DETECTING CONDITION:Defective combination meterTROUBLE SYMPTOM:When the ignition switch is turned to ON (engine OFF), brake warning light (EBD warning light), ABS warning light, VDC OFF indicator light, and VDC warning light & VDC indicator light do not illuminate.NOTE:When pressing the VDC OFF swit ...

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