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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Clutch system

1. INSPECT THE SPECIFIED POSITION1. Measure the specified position of the stop light switch ends.Specified position L:3.6 mm ±0.4 mm (0.14 in ±0.016 in)2. Measure the clearance between the end of th ...

Clutch fluid air bleeding procedure
CAUTION:Be careful not to spill the brake fluid. Brake fluid spilled on the vehicle body will harm the paint surface; wash it off with water and wipe clean quickly if spilled.NOTE:Bleed air from the o ...

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Dtc b2300 rear radar circuit low
DTC DETECTING CONDITION:• Short circuit to ground in the harness between radar sensor and outer mirror assembly• Ground short circuit of the harness in outer mirror assembly module (Malfunction of the outer mirror assembly)• Defective radar sensorTROUBLE SYMPTOM:• All functio ...

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