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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Clutch pipe and hose

1. Clean the holes in the sliding surface between the clutch pedal and bushing, and apply grease.2. Attach the clutch pedal pad, clutch pedal stopper, bushing A, torsion spring bushing, spacer and bus ...

CAUTION:Before handling the airbag system components, refer to “CAUTION” of “General Description” in “AIRBAG SYSTEM”. General Description > CAUTION1. Turn the igni ...

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Electrical component location location
(1)VDC CM(6)Brake light relay(11)Steering angle sensor(2)TCM (engine type: EZ)(7)Lane departure warning OFF switch(12)EyeSight steering switch(3)Stereo camera(8)Pre-collision brake OFF switch(13)Data link connector(4)ECM(9)Body integrated unit(14)Stop light and brake switch(5)TCM (engine type: FB)(1 ...

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