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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: General description

Subaru Legacy Service Manual / Brake / General description

NOTE:Before installation, remove mud and foreign matter from the disc brake assembly.1. Check the front disc rotor. Front Disc Rotor > INSPECTION2. Install the disc rotor.3. Install the disc brake as ...

NOTE:Refer to “PARKING BRAKE” for parking brake specifications. General Description > SPECIFICATION1. FRONT DISC BRAKEItemSpecificationSize16-inch17-inchTypeFloating 2-POT piston typeVent ...

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1. Install the thrust bearing to the internal gear.NOTE:Face the temper color surface to the reverse brake side.2. Measure depth “A” from the ST upper face to the washer mounting surface.ST 499575600GAUGE3. Measure the height “B” from the ST upper face to the mating surfac ...

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