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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Ignition(h6do)

1. RH SIDE1. Install the spark plugs using a spark plug socket.Tightening torque:18 N·m (1.8 kgf-m, 13.3 ft-lb)2. Install the ignition coil.CAUTION:Degrease the ignition coil fixing portion and ...

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Dtc b1795 occupant detection module internal circuit
DTC DETECTING CONDITION:When the following DTCs are detected:B1763, B1764, B1765, B1766, B1767, B1768, B1769, B176A, B176B, B176C, B176D, B176E, B176F, B1770, B1772, B1776, B1777, B1778NOTE:DTC B1795 is detected at the same time when any of the DTCs above is detected. When the detected DTC is elimin ...

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