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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Installation


Before installing the windshield glass and cowl panel, make sure there are no gravel in the installing area.

1. Install the cowl panel assembly.


If the cowl panel assembly cannot be installed properly, do not hit or set it forcibly. The claws of the cowl panel or the windshield glass may be damaged.

(1) Hook the claw of the cowl panel on the lower end (1) of the windshield glass.

(2) Align the center protrusion of the cowl panel assembly to the cutout portion of the vehicle side, then install the cowl panel assembly.

(3) Attach the clip and connect the washer hose.

2. Install the cowl panel - side.

3. Install the cover - front fender.

4. Install the arm assembly - windshield wiper. Front Wiper Arm > INSTALLATION

5. If the washer nozzles have been removed from the cowl panel assembly, adjust the washer spray positions. Front Washer Nozzle > ADJUSTMENT

1. Remove the arm assembly - windshield wiper. Front Wiper Arm > REMOVAL2. Remove the cover - front fender UPR.(1) Remove the clip.(2) Release the claws by pulling them forward, and remove the cover ...

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