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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Maintenance tools

Your vehicle is equipped with the following maintenance tools.

  •  Jack
  •  Jack handle
  •  Screwdriver
  •  Towing hook (eye bolt) (Outback)
  •  Wheel nut wrench
  •  Torque wrench (Outback)
CAUTION The torque wrench is designed to be used only when changing the position of the crossbar. Do not use the torque wrench in other cases. Otherwise, the torque wrench may be deformed.

Maintenance tools

NOTE To use the jack handle, insert the jack handle into the hole of the wheel nut wrench.

Temporary spare tire
WARNING  Never tow a trailer when the temporary spare tire is used. The temporary spare tire is not designed to sustain the towing load. Use of the temporary spare ...

1) Under-floor storage compartment (Refer to "Under-floor storage compartment" .) 2) Wheel nut wrench 3) Screwdriver 4) Jack handle 5) Jack The maintenance tools are stored in the under-floo ...

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