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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Moonroof switches

Moonroof (if equipped)
WARNING Never let anyone's hands, arms, head or any objects protrude from the moonroof. A person could be seriously injured if the vehicle stops suddenly or turns sharply or if t ...

Tilting moonroof
"UP/DOWN" switch  Tilting up  Laying down The tilting up function will only operate when the moonroof is fully closed. The laying down function will only operate when the moo ...

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To activate/deactivate the X-mode
X-mode switch X-mode indicator To activate: Press the X-mode switch. While the Xmode is activated, the X-mode indicator appears. To deactivate: Press the X-mode switch again. The Xmode indicator will disappear when the Xmode is deactivated. NOTE  Even if you try to activ ...

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