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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Operating tips for heater and air conditioner

Subaru Legacy Owners Manual / Climate control / Operating tips for heater and air conditioner

Select the desired " " mode or " " mode to defrost or dehumidify the windshield and front door windows by performing the following procedures.  To select the " " mode, press the defr ...

Cleaning ventilator grille
1) Front ventilator inlet grille Always keep the front ventilator inlet grille free of snow, leaves, or other obstructions to ensure efficient heating and defrosting. Since the condenser is ...

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Dtc b1834 short in curtain airbag rh squib circuit
DIAGNOSIS START CONDITION:Ignition voltage is 10 V to 16 V.DTC DETECTING CONDITION:Short circuit between curtain airbag RH circuit and other circuitCAUTION:Before performing diagnosis, refer to “CAUTION” in “General Description”. General Description > CAUTIONWIRING DIAGRAM:N ...

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