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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Operation

For detailed operation procedures, refer to “Application help”.

When communication with Subaru Select Monitor is not possible, perform “COMMUNICATION FOR INITIALIZING IMPOSSIBLE”. Subaru Select Monitor > COMMUNICATION FOR INITIALIZING IMPOSSIBLE

Communication for initializing impossible
NOTE:If the communication with the body integrated unit is not possible either, refer to BODY CONTROL SYSTEM (DIAGNOSTICS). Subaru Select Monitor > COMMUNICATION FOR INITIALIZING IMPOSSIBLEDETECTING ...

Rear suspension

Other materials:

1. Remove the drive pinion assembly.2. Flatten the tab of the lock nut.3. Using ST1 and ST2, fix at the spline portion of drive pinion shaft to remove the lock nut.ST1 18621AA000WRENCHST2 18667AA010HOLDER4. Remove the taper roller bearing and outer race from drive pinion shaft.5. Remove the in ...

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