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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Outback


A shopping bag hook is attached to each side of the cargo area.

To use the hook, push the upper portion and the shopping bag hook will appear.

Store the hook after using it.

A shopping bag hook is attached to each inner side wall of the trunk near the trunk lid opening. ...

Convenient grip (Outback)
CAUTION  Do not hang items on the convenient grip that weigh 6 lbs (3 kg) or more. Depending on the conditions of use (for example, in low temperatures, etc.), the rear ...

Other materials:

1. PRE-COLLISION BRAKE OFF SWITCH/LANE DEPARTURE WARNING OFF SWITCH1. Measure the resistance between connector terminals.Preparation tool:Circuit testerTerminal No.Inspection conditionsStandard6 — 8Switch OFFApprox. 8.2 k-Switch ONLess than 1 -2. Apply battery voltage between the connector termina ...

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