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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Profiles

This system supports the following services.



  •  If your cell phone does not support HFP, registering the Bluetooth phone or using OPP, PBAP, MAP or SPP profiles individually will not be possible.
  •  If the connected Bluetooth device version is older than recommended or incompatible, the Bluetooth device function may not work properly.
  •  For USA customers, please visit for details. Outside of the USA customers, contact your local dealer to arrange a demonstration in order to confirm whether or not the device can be paired with the vehicle.
Registering a Bluetooth Audio device for the first time
To use the Bluetooth Audio, it is necessary to register an audio device with the system. The device registration procedure is the same for both the hands-free system and Bluetooth audio. &n ...

Setting Bluetooth details

Other materials:

1. VISUAL INSPECTIONCheck for the following, and replace the damaged parts with new parts.• Combination switch is cracked or deformed.• Roll connector is cracked or deformed.2. UNIT INSPECTION OF ROLL CONNECTORCAUTION:• Do not rotate the roll connector to more than the specified nu ...

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