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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Regarding malfunction

  •  Never leave or store the access key inside the vehicle or within 6.6 ft (2 m) around the vehicle (e.

    g., in the garage). The access key may be locked inside the vehicle, or the battery may discharge rapidly. Note that the push-button ignition switch may not turn on in some cases depending on the location of the access key.

  •  The access key contains electronic components. Observe the following precautions to prevent malfunctions or battery discharge.
  •  Although you can replace the battery of the access key by yourself, it is recommended that the battery be replaced by a SUBARU dealer to avoid the risk of damage at the time of replacement.
  •  Do not get the access key wet.

    If the access key gets wet, wipe it off immediately and let it dry completely.

  •  Do not apply strong impacts to the access key.
  •  Keep the access key away from magnetic sources.
  •  Never leave the access key in direct sunlight or anywhere that may become hot, such as on the dashboard. It may damage the battery or cause circuit malfunctions.
  •  Do not wash the access key in an ultrasonic washer.
  •  Do not leave the access key in humid or dusty locations, or near personal computers or home electric appliances.

NOTE After the vehicle battery is discharged or replaced, initialization of the steering lock system may be required to start the engine. In this case, perform the following procedure to initialize the steering lock.

  1. Turn the push-button ignition switch to the "OFF" position. For details, refer to "Switching power status" .
  2.  Open and close the driver's door.
  3.  Wait for approximately 10 seconds.

    When the steering is locked, the initialization is completed.

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