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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Removal


Always use new MT gear select cable if the cable is removed from selector lever COMPL of transmission side.

1. Disconnect the ground terminal from battery sensor. NOTE

2. Remove the air intake duct. Air Intake Duct > REMOVAL

3. Remove the V-belt covers.

4. Remove the clip (A) from the air intake boot, and loosen the clamps (B) and (C) securing the air intake boot to the throttle body.

5. Remove the air intake boot from the throttle body, and move it to the left side wheel apron.

6. Lift up the vehicle.

7. Remove the front under cover. Front Under Cover > REMOVAL

8. Remove the center exhaust pipe. Center Exhaust Pipe > REMOVAL

9. Remove the center exhaust cover.

10. Lower the vehicle.

11. Remove the nuts from left and right transmission mounting brackets.

12. Using the ST1, install the ST2 to the engine unit.

ST1 18363AA050BOLT
ST2 18360AA040HANGER

Tightening torque:

43 N·m (4.4 kgf-m, 31.7 ft-lb)

13. Set the ST1 and ST2 to vehicle.



Set so that the chain sling does not hit the engine parts.

Install a bolt of φ8 mm (0.3 in) at the locations shown in the figure, and place the front side arms of ST (ENGINE HANGER).

Set the rear arms of ST (ENGINE HANGER) at the locations shown in the figure.

14. Lift the engine slightly and remove the engine mounting bolts.

15. Remove the engine mounting nut and bolt to remove the engine mounting.

16. Temporarily attach ST by using two bolts.


17. Lift up the engine unit high enough to install the bolt and nut to vehicle.


Do not lift up higher than enough level to install the ST to avoid damage to the hoses and pipes inside the engine room.


If it is difficult to pull out the stud bolt from transmission mounting bracket, slightly shake the engine unit while lifting up.

18. Tighten the mounting bolts on the engine side.

Tightening torque:

25 N·m (2.5 kgf-m, 18.4 ft-lb)

19. Rotate the handle of the ST (ENGINE HANGER) to loosen the sling chain.

20. Lift up the vehicle.

21. Set the transmission jack to the transmission.

22. Remove the clamp cable and take out the MT gear select cable from the clamp.


Clamp cable

23. Remove the mounting bolts from the front crossmember and rear crossmember, and lower the transmission.


When lowering the transmission, make sure that the transmission jack does not come off from the transmission.

24. Insert a spanner between the selector lever COMPL and the MT gear select cable and remove the MT gear select cable by raising the handle.


Use a spanner with 11 to 13 in size.

The thickness of the spanner must not exceed 6 mm (0.2 in).


MT gear select cable





25. Remove the MT gear select cable and select bracket as a single unit from the transmission body.


Select bracket


MT gear select cable

26. Remove the plate cable assembly.

27. Disconnect the MT gear select cable.


Be careful not to deform the cable inner.


Push the MT gear select cable in the direction of arrow, and remove it.


MT gear select cable

28. Remove the clamp which holds the MT gear select cable.




MT gear select cable

29. Pull out the MT gear select cable from the cover cable assembly.


Do not bend the MT gear select cable sharply.

Mt gear select cable

NOTE:Two persons are required to perform the MT gear select cable adjustment. Only the step 6) requires two workers.1. Move the shift lever to the 6th.2. Remove the plate cable assembly.3. Disconnect ...

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