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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Removal


Place “NO OPEN FLAMES” signs near the working area.


Be careful not to spill fuel.

If the fuel gauge indicates that two thirds or more of the fuel is remaining, be sure to drain fuel before starting work to avoid the fuel to spill.


The fuel level sensor is built in fuel pump assembly.

1. Remove the fuel pump assembly. Fuel Pump > REMOVAL

2. Disconnect the connector (A) of the fuel level sensor and pull out the fuel pump harness and fuel level sensor harness from the clip.

3. While pressing the claw (A) of the fuel level sensor, slide the fuel level sensor in the direction of the arrow, and remove the fuel level sensor.

Fuel level sensor

1. Check that the fuel level sensor has no damage.2. Measure the fuel level sensor float position.NOTE:When inspecting the fuel level sensor, perform the work with the sensor installed to the fuel pum ...

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NOTE:Do not remove the room light if removing the bulb only.1. Disconnect the ground terminal from battery sensor. NOTE2. Remove the light assembly - room.(1) Remove the clips, and then remove the hook.(2) Disconnect the connector and remove the light assembly - room.3. Release the claws, and detac ...

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