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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Replacement

1. Slowly remove the protector UPR from the end of right and left protectors.


Be careful not to damage the surface of garnish assembly during operation.

Do not reuse the protector UPR.

2. Remove the double-sided tape remaining on the garnish side, then clean the adhesive surface.


If even a slight amount of double-sided tape remains on the adhesive surface, it may lead to improper adhesion.

Completely remove the double-sided tape from the overlapped portion with the end of inner garnish, where the double-sided tape easily remains.

Do not use any solvents that may damage the garnish coating.

3. Degrease the mounting surface of protector with appropriate cleaning solvent or alcohol.

4. Apply primer to the mounting surfaces of garnish.


Manufactured by 3M

K-520, K-500 or equivalent


Application of primer


Protector UPR


Garnish ASSY

5. Affix the protector UPR.


Affix so that there should be no gap (d) between garnish assembly and protector UPR.

(1) Confirm that primer is dried, and check the protector UPR installation conditions.

(2) Remove a part of backing sheet (e) from the right end of protector UPR (left side viewing from garnish assembly reverse side), and affix by aligning the both ends of protector and garnish.


Protector UPR


Gap between garnish assembly and protector UPR


Backing sheet

(3) After this, affix the protector UPR securely while peeling it away from the backing sheet.


If there is an extra end of protector, cut the extra portion projecting from the garnish assembly after aligning the cutting positions and angles at both sides with the end shape.

(4) Press-fit the protector UPR, and then apply instant glue to both ends of protector UPR to affix.


Be careful not to spread instant glue over the design face.

Rear gate garnish

1. Install the garnish LWR.2. Install the switch - opener rear gate. Rear Gate Opener Button > INSTALLATION3. Install the protector UPR. ...

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