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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: SRS airbag system warning light

WARNING If the warning light exhibits any of the following conditions, there may be a malfunction in the seatbelt pretensioners and/or SRS airbag system.
  •  Flashing or flickering of the warning light
  •  No illumination of the warning light when the ignition switch is first turned to the "ON" position
  •  Continuous illumination of the warning light
  •  Illumination of the warning light while driving

Immediately take your vehicle to your nearest SUBARU dealer to have the system checked. Unless checked and properly repaired, the seatbelt pretensioners and/or SRS airbags will operate improperly (e.g.

SRS airbags may inflate in a very minor collision or not inflate in a severe collision), which may increase the risk of injury.

For details about the components monitored by the warning light, refer to "SRS airbag system monitors" .

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