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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Sun visors

Sun visors

To block out glare, swing down the visors.

To use the sun visor at a side window, swing it down and move it sideways.

Sun visors

With the sun visor positioned over the side window, you can slide the sun visor toward the rear to prevent glare through the gap between the sun visor and center pillar. To slide the sun visor, pull it toward the rear of the vehicle. When you have finished sliding it, push it toward the front of the vehicle.

Sun visors

CAUTION Do not slide the sun visor over the windshield. The slided sun visor would obstruct your view of the rearview mirror.

Vanity mirror with light

CAUTION Keep the vanity mirror cover closed while the car is being driven to avoid being blinded by glare.

Vanity mirror with light

To use the vanity mirror, swing down the sun visor and open the vanity mirror cover.

The lights beside the vanity mirror illuminate when the mirror cover is opened.

NOTE Use of the vanity mirror light for a long period of time while the engine is not running can cause battery discharge.

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