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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Tether anchorage location


Tether anchorage location

Three tether anchorages are installed on the rear shelf behind the rear seat head restraint. Open the cover flap to use each anchorage.


Tether anchorage location

  1. For left seat
  2.  For center seat
  3.  For right seat

Three tether anchorages, i.e., ones for the right, center and left positions, are already installed on the back side of the rear seatback.

Top tether anchorages
Your vehicle is equipped with three top tether anchorages so that a child restraint system having a top tether can be installed in the rear seat. When installing a child restraint system using top ...

To hook the top tether
CAUTION Always raise the head restraint when mounting a child restraint system with a top tether. Failure to do so may prevent the top tether from being fastened tightly. L ...

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