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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual / Driving tips / Trailer hitch (Outback - if equipped)

  •  Never exceed the maximum weight specified for the trailer hitch. Exceeding the maximum weight could cause an accident resulting in serious personal injuries.

    Permissible trailer weight changes depending on the situation.

    For possible recommendations and limitations, refer to "Trailer towing (Outback)"  22.

  •  Trailer brakes are required when the towing load exceeds 1,000 lbs (453 kg). Be sure your trailer has safety chains and that each chain will hold the trailer's maximum gross weight. Towing trailers without safety chains could create a traffic safety hazard if the trailer separates from the hitch due to coupling damage or hitch ball damage.
  •  Be sure to check the hitch pin and safety pin for positive locking placement before towing a trailer. If the ball mount comes off the hitch receiver, the trailer could get loose and create a traffic safety hazard.
  •  Use only the ball mount supplied with this hitch. Use the hitch only as a weight carrying hitch. Do not use with any type of weight distributing hitch.

The maximum gross trailer weight and maximum gross tongue weight are indicated in the following table.

Trailer hitch (Outback - if equipped)

When towing a trailer, refer to "Trailer towing (Outback)" .

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