Honda Civic manuals

Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Adjustment


When replacing the transmission case with a new part, perform the following check and adjustment for the selection.

Select the thrust bearing for the forward clutch assembly. Forward Clutch Assembly > ADJUSTMENT

Select the snap ring for the reduction gear. Reduction Driven Gear > ADJUSTMENT

1. Remove the transmission assembly from the vehicle. Automatic Transmission Assembly > REMOVAL2. Remove the air breather hose. Air Breather Hose > REMOVAL3. Remove the transmission harness. Transm ...

1. Clean the mating surface of transmission case and converter case.2. Install the control device system. Transmission Control Device > INSTALLATION3. Install the O-ring to the lubrication pipe.NOTE: ...

Other materials:

1. Bring the front seat inside the vehicle.CAUTION:Be careful not to damage the body.2. Connect the connectors located under the front seat.3. Install the seat assembly.CAUTION:Tighten the slide rail assembly installing bolts in the order as shown in the figure, in several steps by gradually increas ...

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