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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: AhaTM by HARMAN


aha is a cloud-based application that connects to the system and gives you access to your favorite web content safely and easily. There are over 30,000 stations spanning internet radio, personalized music, audiobooks, Facebook, Twitter, restaurant and hotel searches, weather and more. For more about aha, go to the aha site (

When connecting iPhone and iPod touch or Android devices with the aha application installed, you can control, view, and hear aha content through the system.

In order to connect to this system, use a USB port for an iPhone or iPod touch and Bluetooth for Android devices.

In this chapter, iPhone and iPod touch or Android devices will be referred to as a smartphone.

WARNING Do not connect or operate the smartphone while driving. Doing so may result in loss of control of your vehicle and cause an accident or serious injury.


  •  Do not leave your smartphone in the car. In particular, high temperatures inside the vehicle may damage the smartphone.
  •  Do not push down on or apply unnecessary pressure to the smartphone while it is connected as this may damage the smartphone or its terminal.
  •  Do not insert foreign objects into the port as this may damage the smartphone or its terminal.
Displaying the Radio ID
Each SiriusXM tuner is identified with a unique radio ID. The "Radio ID" is required when activating an SiriusXM Satellite Services or when reporting a problem.  If "Ch 000" is selected us ...

Control screen and panel
Control screen (main screen and station screen) No. Function 1 Select to display the audio source selection screen 2 Select to open the station list. ...

Other materials:

CAUTION:Use a dry clean cloth so that no grease or water adheres to the glass portion of the bulb.1. HIGH BEAM BULB1. Disconnect the connector.2. Rotate in the direction of arrow shown in the figure to remove the high beam bulb.2. LOW BEAM BULB (HALOGEN TYPE)1. Disconnect the connector.2. Rotate in ...

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