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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Audio set

Your vehicle may be equipped with one of the following audio sets. Refer to the pages indicated in this section for operating details.

  •  Always consult your SUBARU dealer before installing a citizen band radio or other transmitting device in your vehicle. Such devices may cause the electronic control system to malfunction if they are incorrectly installed or if they are not suited for the vehicle.
  •  To prevent the battery from being discharged, do not leave the audio/visual system when the engine is not running.


  •  If a cell phone is placed near the audio set, it may cause the audio set to emit noise when the phone receives calls. This noise does not indicate an audio set malfunction. Note that a cell phone should not be placed near the audio set.
  • Some functions may not be available depending on the market and specifications of your vehicle.
  •  The images shown in this Owner's Manual are sample images. The actual images may vary depending on the market and specifications of your vehicle.
Roof antenna (if equipped)
The satellite radio antenna and telematics antenna (if equipped) are installed in the center of the roof at the rear. ...

Base display audio set (if equipped)
1) Power/VOLUME knob 2) Eject button 3) AUDIO/TUNE knob 4) HOME button 5) APPS button 6) Display 7) SEEK/TRACK buttons The audio set will operate only when the ignition switch is in the "A ...

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