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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Cargo area cover (Outback - if equipped)

Subaru Legacy Owners Manual / Interior equipment / Cargo area cover (Outback - if equipped)

The cargo area cover is provided for covering the cargo area and to protect its contents from direct sunlight. This cover is detachable to make room for additional cargo.

Floor mat
CAUTION If the floor mat slips forward and interferes with the movement of the pedals during driving, it could cause an accident. Observe the following precautions to prevent t ...

Using the cover
To extend the cargo area cover: 1) Stopper  Hold the handle located at the center of the cargo area cover and lift the handle upward slightly to unlock the stoppers that are locate ...

Other materials:

1. POWER SEAT SWITCH1. Install the switch assembly - power seat.2. Install the switch assembly - lumber. (Model with lumber support)3. Install the knob - power seat.4. Install the cover - hinge front seat OUT.5. Install the seat assembly. Front Seat > INSTALLATION2. SEAT MEMORY SWITCH1. Release the ...

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