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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Entering letters and numbers/list screen operation

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Entering letters and numbers

When entering the Bluetooth device name or PIN-code, or the phone number, letters and numbers can be entered via the screen.

Enter letters (example: In-Car-Device setting)
Enter letters (example: In-Car-Device setting)



1 Enter the desired characters (alphabet key mode).
2 Switch to the screen for characters.
3 Enter a space.
4 Confirm the characters/numbers entered into the window.
5 Delete a character/number entered into the window.

List screen

Multimedia playlists (example: iPod playlist)
Multimedia playlists (example: iPod playlist)



1 Select a category that wants to play back.
2 Return to the playback display of each mode.
3 Select to skip to the next or previous page.
Touch screen operation
This system is operated mainly by the keys on the screen. When a screen key is touched, a beep sounds. You can set the beep sound. Refer to "Unit settings" . NOTE  If the system does ...

Initial screen
When the ignition switch is in the "ACC" or "ON" position, the initial screen will be displayed and the system will begin operating. When using the SUBARU STARLINK function (if equipped), ...

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