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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: How to subscribe to SiriusXM Satellite Radio

Subaru Legacy Owners Manual / Audio / Audio set / SiriusXM Satellite Radio (if equipped) / How to subscribe to SiriusXM Satellite Radio

To listen to a satellite radio broadcast in the vehicle, a subscription to the SiriusXM Satellite Radio service is necessary.

A SiriusXM Satellite Radio is a tuner designed exclusively to receive broadcasts provided under a separate subscription.

How to subscribe

It is necessary to enter into a separate service agreement with SiriusXM Satellite Radio in order to receive satellite broadcast programming in the vehicle. Additional activation and service subscription fees apply that are not included in the purchase price of the vehicle and digital satellite tuner.

For complete information on subscription rates and terms, or to subscribe to SiriusXM Satellite Radio:

  •  U.S. customers: Refer to or call 1-866-635-2349
  •  Canadian customers: Refer to or call 1-877-209-0079
  •  SiriusXM Satellite Radio Services
  •  Legal Disclaimers and Warnings
  •  Fees and Taxes - Subscription fee, taxes, one time activation fee, and other fees may apply. Subscription fee is consumer only. All fees and programming subject to change.

    Subscriptions subject to Customer Agreement available at (U.S.) or (Canada).

    SiriusXM U.S. satellite and data services are available only in the contiguous USA and DC. SiriusXM satellite service is also available in Canada: see www.siriusxm.


    Explicit Language Notice - Channels with frequent explicit language are indicated with an "XL" preceding the channel name. Channel blocking is available for SiriusXM Satellite Radio receivers by notifying SiriusXM at:

  •  U.S. customers: Visit or call 1-866-635-2349
  •  Canadian customers: Visit or call 1-877-209-0079


  •  It is prohibited to copy, decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer, hack, manipulate or otherwise make available any technology or software incorporated in receivers compatible with the SiriusXM Satellite Radio System or that support the XM website, the Online Service or any of its content. Furthermore, the AMBE voice compression software included in this product is protected by intellectual property rights including patent rights, copyrights, and trade secrets of Digital Voice Systems, Inc.
  •  Note: this applies to SiriusXM Satellite Radio receivers only and not XM Ready devices.


  •  SiriusXM Satellite Services - Descriptions - Only SiriusXM Satellite Radio brings you more of what you love, all in one place. Get over 175 channels, including commercialfree music, plus the best sports, news, talk, comedy and entertainment.

    Welcome to the world of satellite radio. More information about SiriusXM Satellite Radio is available online at www.siriusxm.

    com (U.S.) and (Canada).

  •  SiriusXM Satellite Services - Subscription Instructions - For SiriusXM Services requiring a subscription (such as SiriusXM Satellite Radio, and some Infotainment & data services), the following paragraph shall be included.

    Required SiriusXM Satellite Radio and some Infotainment & data services monthly subscriptions sold separately after trial period. Subscription fee is consumer only. All fees and programming subject to change. Subscriptions are subject to the Customer Agreement available at (U.S.) or (Canada). Sirius, XM and all related marks and logos are trademarks of Sirius XM Radio Inc. All other marks, channel names and logos are the property of their respective owners.

    For more information, program schedules, and to subscribe or extend subscription after complimentary trial period; more information is available at:

  • U.S. customers: Visit or call 1-866-635-2349
  •  Canadian customers: Visit or call 1-877-209-0079
  •  SiriusXM Satellite Radio is solely responsible for the quality, availability and content of the satellite radio services provided, which are subject to the terms and conditions of the SiriusXM Satellite Radio customer service agreement.
  •  Customers should have their radio ID ready; the radio ID can be found by tuning to "Ch 000" on the radio. For details, see "DISPLAYING THE RADIO ID" below.
  •  All fees and programming are the responsibility of SiriusXM Satellite Radio and are subject to change.

How to change the source

Select the "Sirius XM" key on the source select screen. Refer to "Selecting an audio source" .

Control screen and audio panel
Control screen No. Function 1 Perform the SXM setting. See below. Refer to "SXM setting" 2 Search for a channel which the direction of h ...

Presetting a channel
The presets list is displayed via either of the following procedures.  When you touch the tab in the SiriusXM main screen (if the list that was displayed the last time is Prese ...

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