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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Installation


For installation of reverse brake assembly, refer to “Intermediate Case”. Intermediate Case > INSTALLATION

1. Apply CVTF to the seal of reverse brake piston and install it to intermediate case.2. Install the return spring.3. Set the spring retainer and snap ring.(A)Snap ring(B)Spring retainer4. Set the ST1 ...

• Inspect the drive plate facing for wear and damage.• Check the driven plate for discoloration (burnt color).• Check for worn snap ring, fatigue or damaged return spring or deformed ...

Other materials:

1. Apply engine oil to the O-ring and attach it to the oil pan upper.NOTE:Use new O-rings.2. Apply liquid gasket to the mating surfaces of strainer.Liquid gasket:THREE BOND 1217G (Part No. K0877Y0100), THREE BOND 1217H or equivalentLiquid gasket applying diameter:2±1 mm (0.079±0.039 in)NOTE:• ...

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