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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Rear hub unit bearing

1. Using a flat tip screwdriver or pliers, loosen the boot band on the large end of DOJ boot.CAUTION:Be careful not to damage the boot.2. Remove the boot band on the small end of DOJ boot in the same ...

1. Lift up the vehicle, and then remove the rear wheels.2. Remove the nut - axle.CAUTION:Do not loosen the nut - axle while the rear axle is loaded. Doing so may damage the hub unit COMPL.(1) Lift the ...

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1. On «Start» display, select «Diagnosis».2. On «Vehicle selection» display, input the target vehicle information and select «Confirmed».3. On «Main Menu» display, select «Each System».4. On «Select System» display, select «Power Rear Gate» and then select «Enter».5. On «Select Fu ...

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