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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Selecting an audio source

Subaru Legacy Owners Manual / Audio / Audio set / Basic operation / Selecting an audio source

  1. Press the AUDIO/TUNE knob.

Selecting an audio source

  1. Select the desired source.

Selecting an audio source
Example: Source select screen


  •  If the audio control screen appears, select the "Source" key on the audio screen or press the AUDIO/TUNE knob again.
  •  When you push the AUDIO/TUNE knob while any screen other than the audio control screen is displayed, the display will return to the audio control screen.
  •  When the AUDIO/TUNE knob is pushed and held, the graphic equalizer screen will be displayed. Refer to ""Graphic Equalizer"" .
Turning the system on and off
Press the power/VOLUME knob to turn the audio/visual system on and off. When the system turns on, the mode that was in use the last time the system was turned off will be displayed. Press and ...

Selecting a function menu
Press the HOME button to display home screen. Item Function AUDIO Select to display the main screen of the audio source that was selected previously. ...

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