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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Trunk lid

CAUTION:• If the sealing cover - rear door gets broken, replace it with a new part.• Apply a butyl tape evenly.• Attach the sealing cover - rear door, keeping it from becoming wrinkl ...

CAUTION:Trunk lid COMPL is heavy. When removing and installing it, always work in a team of two or more persons.1. TRUNK LID DAMPER STAY1. Open the trunk lid COMPL.2. Remove the stay assembly - trunk ...

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1. Visually check the cam carrier filter, and if clogging is found, replace with a new part.2. Check the camshaft journals for damage and wear. Replace the camshaft if faulty.3. Check the cam face condition of camshaft, and remove the minor faults by grinding with oil stone. Replace the camshaft if ...

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