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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Wiring diagram

Refer to “BSD/RCTA System” in the wiring diagram. Blind Spot Detection/Rear Cross Traffic Alert > WIRING DIAGRAM

Electrical specification
1. RADAR SENSORTerminal No.ContentMeasuring conditionStandardRadar sensor LH (master)Radar sensor RH (slave)1 ←> Chassis groundPrivate CAN HPrivate CAN HAlways1 M- or more2 ←> Chassis ground ...

Diagnostic procedure with diagnostic trouble code (dtc)

Other materials:

CAUTION:If the engine oil is spilt over exhaust pipe or the under cover, wipe it off with cloth to avoid emission of smoke or causing a fire.1. Park the vehicle on a level surface.2. Remove the oil level gauge and wipe away the oil.3. Reinsert the oil level gauge all the way. Be sure that the oil le ...

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