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Subaru Legacy BN/BS (2015-2019) Owners Manual: Control screen and panel

Control screen (main screen and station screen)
Control screen (main screen and station screen)



1 Select to display the audio source selection screen
2 Select to open the station list. Refer to "Using aha application" .
3 Select to fast forward the current content item by 30 seconds.
4 Select to display the contents list of the selected station
5 Select to make a phone call to the current content item.

A phone number is distributed depending on content items.

This feature is available only in these cases.

6 The track pauses when pressed during playback and plays back when touched during pause
7 Select to set thumbs up.
8 Select to set thumbs down.
9 Select to start the playback from the beginning of the content in the target station.
10 Select to rewind the current content item by 15 seconds.
11 Select to display the preset list.
12 Return to the control screen.
13 Select to display the nearby list

Audio panel
Audio panel



1 Turn to adjust volume.

Press to turn the audio system on/off.

2 Press to display the sound setting screen. Refer to "Unit settings" .
3 Press to display the station operation screen.

Press to select an audio mode

4 Turn to display the next/previous content item.

Press to select an audio source. Refer to "Selecting an audio source" .

5 Press to display the next/previous content item.


  •  For safety reasons, certain functions are not available while your vehicle is in motion.
  •  In order to maximize signal reception, performance and precision of the smartphone, please ensure the smartphone is placed as close to the system as possible, while ensuring it is stowed and secure while driving.
  •  When the ignition switch is in the "ACC" or "ON" position, the battery of the connected iPhone/iPod touch is charged.
  •  iPhone/iPod touch may not be recognized when the ignition switch is in the "ACC" or "ON" position. In this case, remove the iPhone/iPod touch and reconnect it.
  •  The accuracy of the displayed information or the signal reception performance depends on the smartphone or the connected device, and it's wireless connection.
  •  Since the aha application uses signals from GPS satellites and wireless communication lines, it may not work properly in the following locations.
  •  In a tunnel
  •  In underground parking lots 5-46
  • Outside wireless communication range, such as some countryside areas
  •  Where the wireless communication network is congested, or where communications are restricted
  •  Depending on the circumstances and environment, the signal may be weak or not be received. In such cases, an error may occur.
  •  Top 35 entries in the preset station list on the smartphone are displayed.

    When there are more than 35 entries in the preset station list, change the order of the entries in the list on the smartphone.

    You can change the priority of your preset stations within the aha application (after disconnected from this system) to modify the station list shown on the screen. Please see your smartphone aha application "Edit Presets (in Main menu)" to modify this list.

  •  For operating the smartphone, see the instruction manual that comes with it.
  •  If there are multiple music files stored on your iPhone or iPod touch, it may take some time until playback starts.
  •  Playback may be intermittent when you switch to streaming Bluetooth audio from aha on your smartphone device.
  •  When connecting the device via Bluetooth, the communication speed may become slower than via USB.
  aha is a cloud-based application that connects to the system and gives you access to your favorite web content safely and easily. There are over 30,000 stations spanning internet radio, pe ...

Before using aha application
In order to use the aha application on this system, the application must be installed on the smartphone. Settings required to use aha application  Search and download the aha application ...

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