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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Inspection


Ignition switch


Tire inflation pressure warning light (pressure condition)


Light OFF




Light OFF






Light ON


1 second




System status


Blinks 25 times


Tire inflation pressure condition




2 seconds


Meet the specification




Less than standard value

(For the pressure warning level, refer to “CURRENT DATA”.) Read Current Data > LIST


Tire inflation pressure warning light (system condition)

1. When the tire pressure warning light does not illuminate in accordance with this illumination pattern, there must be an electrical malfunction.

2. If the tire pressure warning light does not go off, check the TPMS & keyless entry CM or TPMS CM/warning light circuit and the combination meter circuit. Tire Pressure Warning Light / Trouble Indicator Light Illumination Pattern > TIRE PRESSURE WARNING LIGHT DOES NOT COME OFF


If the problem is fixed while driving at approximately 40 km/h (25 MPH) after the tire pressure warning light blinks/lights, the warning light goes out and the tire pressure monitor system operates normally. (If there is a decrease in tire pressure, or a malfunction of the system, the malfunction history is displayed.)

Tire pressure warning light is 25 times blinking and turn on
DETECTING CONDITION:• Defective TPMS & keyless entry CM or TPMS CM• Defective harness• Transmitter is faulty.TROUBLE SYMPTOM:Every time the engine starts, tire pressure warning light ...

Tire pressure warning light does not come off
DETECTING CONDITION:• Defective combination meter• Tires pressure drop• Transmitter ID not registeredTROUBLE SYMPTOM:Tire pressure warning light remains illuminating after engine sta ...

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