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Subaru Legacy BN/BS (2015-2019) Owners Manual: Power rear gate (if equipped)

  •  When operating the power rear gate, observe the following precautions.

    Ignoring the precautions may result in an injury (e.

    g., anyone's body is hit against the rear gate or is caught in the rear gate, etc.)

  •  Make sure there are no people around the rear gate.
  •  Never let anyone get close to the rear gate.
  •  When closing the rear gate, be extremely careful to prevent anyone's fingers, arms, neck, head or other objects from being caught in the rear gate. Otherwise, serious personal injury may be caused by entrapment.
  •  After opening the rear gate on a slope by using the power rear gate feature, the rear gate may close. Make sure that the rear gate has stopped completely after opening it.
  •  When leaving the vehicle, always carry the key for safety and never allow an unattended child to remain in the vehicle. Failure to follow this procedure could result in injury to a child operating the power rear gate.
  •  The driver should be aware of and pay careful attention to his/ her responsibilities.
  •  Use the power rear gate only when the area around the rear gate is clearly visible and when you have checked that there is no danger of people being caught in the gate.


  •  When closing the rear gate after opening it, make sure to use the power rear gate. If you close the rear gate manually with extra force, the power rear gate may be damaged.
  •  Do not install any accessories other than genuine SUBARU parts on the rear gate. If the weight of rear gate increases excessively, the rear gate stay cannot support the rear gate sufficiently when opening the rear gate. Also, the power rear gate may not function properly or may malfunction.
  •  Do not touch the driving rod.

    Doing so may result in injury or damage.

The power rear gate operates only when all of the following conditions are satisfied.

  •  The vehicle is stopped completely.
  •  The outside temperature is within a range from −228F to 1408F (from −308C to 608C).
  •  The ignition switch is in the "LOCK"/ "OFF" or "ACC" position. Or, the ignition switch is in the "ON" position and the parking brake is applied (MT models)/the select lever is in the "P" position (CVT models).

We recommend using the power rear gate function in most circumstances instead of manual operation.


  •  Do not press the power rear gate button repeatedly while the power rear gate is operating. Otherwise, the system may ignore the button operation in order to avoid being damaged.
  •  It is not possible to stop the rear gate temporarily while opening between the completely closed position and approximately 2 in (5 cm) open. If you press one of the power rear gate buttons briefly during this range, the rear gate will be closed.
  •  If the vehicle starts to move while the power rear gate is operating, the system sounds a buzzer and closes the rear gate automatically. At this time, if the system detects jamming, it will deactivate the power rear gate and the rear gate will not be closed. If this occurs, close the rear gate manually.

    For details, refer to "Manual rear gate" .

  •  If you try to open the rear gate using the power rear gate function immediately after closing the rear gate using the power rear gate function, an electronic chirp will sound and the rear gate will not open. Wait for a while before trying to open the rear gate via the power rear gate function.
  •  If either of the operating conditions has not been satisfied while operating the power rear gate, an electronic chirp will sound and the power rear gate will be deactivated. In this case, the rear gate may stop opening or closing suddenly.
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