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Subaru Legacy BN/BS (2015-2019) Service Manual: Procedure



Perform the initialization of the power rear gate auto closer, if the battery ground cable is connected with the rear gate open. Initialization is not required when the battery ground cable is connected with the rear gate closed.

1. Turn the ignition switch to OFF.

2. Close the rear gate slowly, and release the hold of rear gate after a clicking sound is heard when the latch is engaged halfway.

3. The auto closer function then operates and pulls the rear gate to engage fully.

4. Operate the power rear gate switches after the rear gate is closed fully to check that automatic open/close of the power rear gate operates normally. If the power rear gate still does not operate properly, perform the following diagnostic procedures. Basic Diagnostic Procedure

Power rear gate system

Refer to “Basic Diagnostic Procedure” of “POWER REAR GATE SYSTEM (DIAGNOSTICS)”. Basic Diagnostic Procedure ...

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Adjust the clearance around the panel - rear gate as follows.PartStandardAPanel - rear gate to Roof panel6.6+1.5, −1.0 mm (0.26+0.06, −0.04 in)BSurface level gap: Panel - rear gate to Roof panel0.5+0.5, −1.5 mm (0.02+0.02, −0.06 in)CFinisher - light to Rear combination light4 ...

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