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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Folding down the rear seatback

  •  When you fold down the seatback, check that there are no passengers or objects on the rear seat. Not doing so creates a risk of injury or property damage if the seatback suddenly folds down.
  •  Never allow passengers to ride on the folded rear seatback or in the cargo area or trunk. Doing so may result in serious injury or death.
  •  Secure all objects and especially long items properly to prevent them from being thrown around inside the vehicle and causing serious injury during a sudden stop, a sudden steering maneuver or a rapid acceleration.
  •  When you return the seatback to its original position, shake the seatback slightly to confirm that it is securely fixed in place. If the seatback is not securely fixed in place, the seatback may suddenly fold down in the event of sudden braking, or objects may move out from the cargo area, which could cause serious injury or death.
  •  After returning the rear seat to its original position, be certain to place all of the seatbelts and the tab attached to the seat cushion above the seat cushion. Also, make certain that the shoulder belts are fully visible.


CAUTION The rear seatback may fold down quickly due to the internal spring.

Hold the seatback while pulling the release lever to slow it down.


To fold down the seatback, perform the following procedure.

  1.  Open the trunk lid. Refer to "Opening the trunk lid (Legacy)" , "Opening the trunk lid (Legacy)"  or "To open the trunk lid from inside" .


  1. Release lever
  2.  Pull the release lever on the side that you want to fold down.
  3.  Fold the seatback down.

To return the seatback to its original position, raise the seatback until it locks into place and make sure that it is securely locked.



Release button


Release lever on both sides of the cargo area

Unlock the seatback by performing either of the following procedures and then fold the seatback down.

  •  Push the release button
  •  Pull the release lever

To return the seatback to its original position, raise the seatback until it locks into place. Make sure that it is securely locked.

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