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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Storing with the tire bag (Outback)

  1. If your vehicle has wheel covers, keep the wheel cover removed.
  2.  Take out the tire bag and tire fixing band from the under-floor storage compartment.

    For details, refer to "Outback" .

Storing with the tire bag (Outback)

1) Tire bag

  1.  Place the flat tire in the tire bag

Storing with the tire bag (Outback)

1) Rear seatback
2) Tire bag

  1.  Place the tire bag against the rear seatback.

Storing with the tire bag (Outback)

1) Convenient tie-down hook
2) Tire fixing band
3) Center of the wheels

  1.  Pass the tire fixing band through the center of the wheels and the convenient tie-down hooks.

Storing with the tire bag (Outback)

  1. Fasten the tire fixing band to secure the tire bag.
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Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) (if equipped)
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