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Subaru Legacy BN/BS (2015-2019) Owners Manual: Battery drainage prevention function

Subaru Legacy BN/BS (2015-2019) Owners Manual / Keys and doors / Door locks / Battery drainage prevention function

If a door or the rear gate (Outback) is not completely closed, the interior lights will remain illuminated as a result. However, several lights are automatically turned off by the battery drainage prevention function to prevent the battery from going dead. The following interior lights are affected by this function.

Battery drainage prevention function

*1: The map lights can be controlled by the battery drainage prevention function only when the map light switches are in the OFF position and the door interlock switch is in the DOOR position. For the switch positions, refer to "Map light" .

*2: The door step lights are not affected by the battery drainage prevention function, so the lights do not turn off automatically. To turn off the lights, it is necessary that each door is completely closed.

The operational/non-operational setting of this function can be changed by a SUBARU dealer. Contact the nearest SUBARU dealer if you would like to change the setting.


  •  The factory setting (default setting) for this function is set as "operational".
  •  When leaving the vehicle, please make sure that all doors and the rear gate (Outback) are completely closed.
  •  The battery drainage prevention function does not operate under the following condition.
  •  While the push-button ignition switch is in "ACC" or "ON" (models with the push-button ignition switch)
  •  While the key is in the ignition switch (models without the pushbutton ignition switch)
  •  Models with the push-button ignition switch are also equipped with the battery drainage prevention function for the push-button ignition switch.

    For details, refer to "Battery drainage prevention function" .

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