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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Disassembly


Use gloves to avoid damage and putting fingerprints on the lens surface and meter surfaces.

Be sure not to touch the meter indicator needle.

Because LEDs are used for all of warning lights and indicator lights, they are not removable from the meter - main assembly.

1. Remove the screws, and then remove the outer mask.

Preparation tool:


2. Release the claws and remove the lens.

CAUTION:• Make sure the electrical connector is connected securely.• Make sure that each meter operates normally.• When the combination meter assembly of the model without keyless ac ...

Combination meter system

Other materials:

1. DIFFERENTIAL CASE ASSEMBLY1. Loosen the twelve bolts and remove hypoid driven gear.(A)Hypoid driven gear2. Drive out the straight pin from differential assembly toward hypoid driven gear side.ST 899904100STRAIGHT PIN REMOVER3. Pull out the pinion shaft, and remove the differential bevel pinion ...

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