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Subaru Legacy BN/BS (2015-2019) Service Manual: Dtc b2522 eeprom


When failure in PRG CM is detected.


The memorized half-stop position is reset, and returned to the default setting.



1) Close all doors of the vehicle.

2) Turn the ignition switch to OFF.

3) Wait for one minute or more.

4) Turn the ignition switch to ON.

5) Repeat procedures from 1) to 4) at least three times.

6) Using the Subaru Select Monitor, read DTC of PRG CM. Read Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC)

Is DTC B2522 displayed- (Current malfunction)

Replace the PRG CM. Power Rear Gate Control Module

Even if DTC is displayed, the circuit has returned to a normal condition at this time. Reproduce the failure, and then perform the diagnosis again.


In this case, temporary poor contact of connector, temporary open or short circuit of harness may be the cause.

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